Did Ms. Klugh only have four toes?

Throughout LOST Ms. Klugh was an enigma, whose name seemed well deserved. She demanded to be killed rather than fall into the hands of the Losties. She seemed to know a lot about the island and Jacob. But what was the clue that her name implied she possessed, if any?   Was she simply another red herring, used to divert our attention, or could she offer us a tangible clue?

In watching the episode 02x24- Live Together, Die Alone, I was curious as to why the camera panned for a  couple of seconds down to Ms. Klugh's bare feet as she was leading Jack along the Pala Ferry dock.  I'm not a film student, but it just seemed to be an unusual camera angle to focus on for that amount of time. Perhaps they simply want to  re-establish that the Others' walked barefoot.

As I rewatched the episode it seemed to me that perhaps they might have focused on Ms. Klugh's bare feet to show that she had only four toes. The attached screen shots show Ms. Klugh's toes, but it is very hard to definitively say whether she has four or five toes.  Higher resolution screen shots would help.

I'm not saying Ms. Klugh only has four toes, it's just a possibility.  You will have to look at the screen shots and judge for yourself.

Besides, with LOST over, it's at least an interesting question.

Screen Shots of Ms Klugh's toes from the episode 02x24- Live Together, Die Alone

Where is Jin?

Below are two photos, which show the same scene, but from two separate times.
he first one shows Jin with Kate and Claire just as Kate tells Claire to push before she delivers Aaron. This is from season one.
The second photo shows the same scene during season five, after the fifth flash. It is from Sawyers perspective.
Jin is not in this photo. Why not? He should be sitting just to the right of the torch.
Jin in Photo

Jin not in photo